Quick Facts for Realtors

  • Management Company: HOA Board of Directors
  • Municipality: Hallam Borough
  • School District: Eastern York County
  • Primary Contact: info@buttonwoodhoa.com
  • New Owner Assessment: $150.00
  • Seller Resale Certificate: $100.00
  • Recurring Fee: $44.00 monthly
    • Items included: lawn mowing, snow removal (sidewalks only), and maintenance of all common areas
  • Number of Units: 145
  • Construction: 1999 – 2000
  • View the Regulations / By-Laws by Clicking Here

Doc’s & Other Information

Our website is the #1 source for all documents and other information you need as a homeowner or prospective new member of our community.  Access the “Information Portal” to learn more.


How to Contact Us

We are always available via email or through our website. Please review the information portal as it may contain the information you are looking for, and feel free to contact the HOA Board of Directors for anything else. Other reasons to contact the HOA Board include: requests for approval to make exterior alterations, and suggestions to improve the community.

Contact Us

Looking for Payment Information?

You can pay your monthly, bi-annual and annual HOA fee through our website. Other ways to pay including mailing address for checks can be found on our payment page.