Buttonwood Crossing Welcoming Committee

This committee will consist of 3 or 5 people.  This will be a volunteer position(s) and will be responsible for the following areas to include but not be limited to:

Knowing one’s neighbor in a community such as ours is the very foundation of what makes a community a community.  It will be the job of our welcoming committee to reach out to new homeowners in the community and make them feel more welcome and provide vital information and greetings.

Some duties of the welcome committee will include, but not be limited to:

Typing up and printing out welcome letters.

Get Monthly Coupon payment books.

Create welcome baskets and shop for the items/supplies that go inside.

Stop at nearby pizza shops and obtain copies of menus for inclusion in the baskets.

Deliver items to new homeowners.

Take time to talk with new homeowners, give them information about the neighborhood and HOA, and try to answer any other questions they may have within the scope of duties assigned.

All committees will meet at the minimum of once a month and report their findings, plans, and proposals to the Buttonwood Board of Directors at the monthly Board of Director Meetings.  Please submit a request via email to info@buttonwoodhoa.com to join!

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