By Laws Revision Committee

A three-to-five-person special committee will be commissioned for the task of improving/revising the governing documents of the Buttonwood Crossing Homeowners Association . This group will be known as the By Laws Revision Committee.

The By Laws Revision Committee will be charged with:

  1. Complete a comprehensive review of the By Laws.
  2. Looking at current best practices of HOA rules and regulations across the country.
  3. Soliciting feedback from the membership on what needs to be removed, changed, or added.
  4. Meeting with HOA solicitor/Lawyer.
  5. Give a regular progress report to the Board of Directors.
  6. Recommend to the Board of Directors either revisions to the current By Laws or Develop a new set of By Laws to replace the current one.
  7. The working draft should be presented to the Board of Directors by August for review.
  8. The Committee will continue to work on the revisions until the final draft is approved.
  9. The Committee’s charter expires when final draft is presented to the Membership for voting.


All committees will meet at the minimum of once a month and report their findings, plans, and proposals to the Buttonwood Board of Directors at the monthly Board of Director Meetings.  Please submit a request via email to to join!

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