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Lawn Treatment Today!

TruGreen was onsite today to apply the Fall lawn treatment.  Here is a description of the treatment: Fertilizer, broadleaf weed control (as needed / weather dependent). We apologize for the lack of advance notice on this treatment (and also the previous treatment).  We are addressing this issue with TruGreen.  This is the last treatment of […]

Lawn Treatment on October 7th

On Friday October 7, TruGreen will be onsite to apply the early Fall treatment.  Here is a description: Fertilizer, broadleaf weed control (As Needed/Weather Dependent) PLEASE NOTE: TruGreen asks that people and pets stay off of the lawn for a couple of hours after the treatment is done.  No other precautions are necessary.  This applies […]

Winning the War on Weeds

Weeding is a process, not a one-time thing. Weeds affect us all.  Not only because they are an eyesore, but also because they germinate and spread easily and widely.  Homeowners are responsible for weeding their properties* and keeping up with this chore throughout the year.  Please do your part to keep our neighborhood looking nice […]