Community Improvement Projects Planned

Good evening Buttonwood! The results of the polls are in! We have listened to all of the wonderful feedback received from the community and have agreed to move forward with 4 projects as of now, with others slated for next year if the first slate is well received! So with out further ado, the projects being undertaken in the community, in no particular order, are:
1 gazebo will be added at the bus stop at the top of Charles and Friendship ave, which was labeled zone 3. (The intersection closest to the horse farm)
1 medium sized bulletin board will be built onto the gazebo for that area.
1 full sized bulletin board will be added to the opposite intersection closest to the waste treatment plant.
A permanent HOA storage structure will be added up at zone 2, at the top of the Charles circle horseshoe, in the area where the Easter egg hunt took place.
We also are looking at replacing pieces of the sidewalks in the development, starting with the areas with the most need. A study on this has already begun.
Additionally, none of these projects will raise HOA fees, for those of you who are wondering.
As for the community garden and dog park ideas, there was not enough positive input on those to convince us to move forward with them.
Thank you all for your input and we look forward to expanding and beautifying our community starting with these first steps!

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