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Emig Park

History of Clayton Eli Emig Park

The 7-1/2 acre Clayton Ely Emig Memorial Park was dedicated on September 30, 1973. A parade was held to mark the event. Clayton Emlg was born in Hallam on November 4, 1862. He was the youngest of ten children. Mr. Emig practiced law in all of the courts in Washington D.C. and was eventually nominated to the Supreme Court. In 1929 he purchased this land with hopes of building a house on it, however, since most of his time was spent in Washington, a house in Hallam was not practical so it was never built. Mr. Emig passed away in 1940. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery. He was survived by a wife and three daughters. The remaining family donated the land with the stipulation it be designated The Clayton Ely Emig Memorial Park. In 2002, The Cornerstone Development Group donated approximately 13 acres which have enlarged the park to approximately 20-1/2 acres. In 2004, the park was expanded to include an additional pavilion, public restrooms, and additional recreational facilities.


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