Entertainment/Events Committee


The entertainment committee will be created to help bring life and vitality to life within the Buttonwood Crossing Community. We are looking for 3-5 volunteers who wish to encourage a sense of belongingness and fun for all residents living within the community. We feel that bringing people together in an informal way through both structured and drop-in activities, where they can enjoy recreational/leisure activities, and get to know each other, fosters a much-needed sense of community and trust with neighbors.



The entertainment committee will host several events during the year that are open to all Buttonwood Crossing Community members and their families/guests. These events will be free of charge to the community members and sponsored by the entertainment committee/Buttonwood Crossing HOA. Donations may be accepted to offset costs or manpower at the discretion of the HOA.



The following events/activities (included, but not limited to) are proposed for the Buttonwood Crossing Community:

Holiday Community Get Together (Spring/Fall)

Festive Community Decorating Contest (Christmas/Halloween)

Easter Bunny/Egg Hunt

Santa Claus visit

Christmas Caroling

Community Block Party

Monthly Raffle

Teens Night

Kids Night

Bingo Night

Roller Skating/Ice Skating Night Out

Movie Night(s)

Clean Up Crew/Litter Patrol of Common Areas

Arts/Crafts Gathering for Kids and Kids at Heart

Summer/Winter Silly Olympics

Pizza Night

Community Swap Meet

Community Yard Sale


All committees will meet at the minimum of once a month and report their findings, plans, and proposals to the Buttonwood Board of Directors at the monthly Board of Director Meetings.  Please submit a request via email to info@buttonwoodhoa.com to join!

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