Recycling Carts

Dear Homeowners,

A member of the HOA Board of Directors contacted the Hallam Borough Secretary regarding the Recycling Carts/Totes that were delivered on December 13 and explained that those of us in Buttonwood Crossing have very limited space in the rear of our homes to store these (in addition to the large Trash Carts). Back when the Trash Carts were delivered, we were given an option to leave them out front if we didn’t want to use them, and Republic Services came and took them back.

The Hallam Borough Secretary shared that Republic Services will not be doing likewise with the Recycling Carts, however if we provide a list of addresses to her, she will contact Republic Services about returning to remove the unwanted carts.

If you do not wish to use the new Recycling Cart, contact us at to let us know and provide your address.

The deadline to notify us is Sunday, December 18 at 5pm.  We will then provide the complete list of addresses to the Hallam Borough Secretary on Monday morning.

Thank you,
Buttonwood Crossing Homeowners Association Board of Directors

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