Condensed Version of the By-Laws of Buttonwood Crossing HOA

  1. All exterior improvements to units must be submitted to the HOA Board of Directors and approved before proceeding with the work. No exceptions.
  2. Roofs must be black, brown or slate in color.
  3. Fencing of any area is prohibited without HOA Board approval.
  4. Swimming pools are not permitted, with the exception of children’s pools less than 24 inches high and 100 square feet in area, which must be located only in the backyard and must be securely covered at all times when not in use (for safety reasons).
  5. Dogs must be on a leash, and dog waste cleaned up immediately.
  6. Fire pits must meet Hallam Borough ordinances for location and safety.
  7. Weeds are the responsibility of the home owner and are to be cleared as needed (this is usually a weekly task in the summer months). Weeds tend to grow in the front, back, around mailboxes and between the parking pads.
  8. Unit owners shall be responsible for mowing any area of their lot that is obstructed in such a manner as to prohibit free and uninterrupted mowing of their lawns. This rule includes tree branches which obstruct mowing.
  9. All satellite dishes must be in the rear of the property or on rear of the roof not to be seen from the street.
  10. Trash cans must be stored in the rear of the units and removed from the front 24 hours after trash has been picked up.
  11. No unregistered, inoperative or uninspected vehicles and no buses, boats, recreational vehicles, trailers or commercial trucks shall be stored at any unit, unless it is stored inside of a garage with the door closed.
  12. No advertising signs, except the signs of Real Estate Companies.
  13. No personal property is to be stored or maintained in the front or side area of the Units.
  14. Every Section has a specific paint color for the doors and shutters and must be uniform. The paint is Sherwin Williams and exact colors for each section can be found on the website by clicking here.

For a complete copy of the By-Laws of the Buttonwood Crossing HOA, please click here:

By-Laws of the Buttonwood Crossing HOA