Sidewalk Repairs

damaged sidewalk

Dear Homeowners,

You should by now have received a letter notifying you that the Buttonwood Crossing Homeowners Association Board of Directors has unanimously voted in favor of making necessary repairs to the sidewalks in the community that pose a safety hazard or are otherwise in need of repair. As you may have noticed, several areas of the sidewalk in our community have settled, heaved, and cracked due to temperature fluctuations and/or poor construction. These repairs will not affect monthly HOA dues as reserves and/or operating funds will be used.

The Board of Directors has engaged a licensed contractor to assess the situation and make recommendations on the necessary repairs. While the Homeowners Association is in no way legally obligated to make these repairs (except in the Common Areas), the Board has chosen to do so as a benefit and courtesy to the community as a whole and to prevent possible injury to homeowners, residents, and their guests. Injury incurred on a sidewalk not in a Common Area is the liability of the individual unit owner.

If a sidewalk on your property will be part of these repairs, you will receive a separate letter from us containing further details.

If you as a homeowner object to these necessary repairs, please contact the Board of Directors in writing by September 19, 2023 with a reason for your objection.

The Board of Directors’ mission is the betterment and safety of our community.

If you have any questions or feedback, please always feel free to contact us using the Contact Form on our website, or at


Buttonwood Crossing HOA
Board of Directors

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