Winning the War on Weeds

Weeding is a process, not a one-time thing.

Weeds affect us all.  Not only because they are an eyesore, but also because they germinate and spread easily and widely.  Homeowners are responsible for weeding their properties* and keeping up with this chore throughout the year.  Please do your part to keep our neighborhood looking nice this Spring and Summer!

Some tips to help you keep your property weed free:

  • Eliminate bare soil: Bare soil is at the root of most weed problems. Bare soil is an open invitation for blowing weed seeds to become established.  By using mulch and protecting the soil, you can cut the potential for future weeds dramatically.  Mulching each year helps maintain the weed barrier.  If your yard has bare patches, add grass seed in the Spring and Fall and water frequently to fill in those spots.
  • Add layers: Using landscaping fabric to cover the bare soil prior to mulching assists in smothering the weeds before they can start. It also prevents new seeds from germinating and becoming established.  Sometimes landscaping fabric just isn’t in the budget, so try using biodegradable materials like newspaper, brown bags, or cardboard.
  • Remove the weeds at first sight. The longer you allow them to grow, the more chance they have to germinate and spread.


*Each Unit Owner shall be responsible for weeding, general yard maintenance other than mowing, and wood bark mulching.
~Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions Article 4.2 sub-section 6

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